Bardsey Cross
The Early Celtic Saints from Brittany came to Llŷn in the 5th and 6th centuries. Their churches gave shelter to Celts fleeing west from Saxon invaders and to those seeking sanctuary on Bardsey Island.

Newborough Cross on Bardsey Medieval pilgrims followed in their wake, enduring the hardships of the journey in atonement for their sins, in aid of a cure, or in the hope of dying on Bardsey, a Holy place, considered to be physically and spiritually at the edge of the world - “the very porch of heaven”.
So hazardous was the journey, that the Pope decreed for Indulgence purposes 3 pilgrimages to Bardsey equalled one to Rome.

A Celtic cross amidst the Abbey ruins commemorates 20,000 Saints buried on the Island. Our walk follows in the footsteps of these early Saints as they travelled along the churches and holy wells of Llŷn starting from the ancient assembly point, St Beuno’s Chapel at Clynnog Fawr.



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